Plastics and Polymer Engineering Department is one of the prestigious departments in the institution and currently running one U.G. course. The course is designated as B.Tech(Plastics and Polymer Engineering) and its uniqueness lies in the twenty weeks inplant training which is the eight semester of their curriculum.The inplant training creates a strong tie-up between the industry and institute and also the students get enriched practical exposure of industrial life and are highly benefited.

The department has dedicated staff and is well equipped with laboratories having modern and sophisticated equipments.

Today`s age is rightly known as the Plastics Age and at Maharashtra Institute of Technology we are endeavouring to give to the society Plastics Technologists who will help in enriching and uplifting our society through their knowledge. The term "polymer" derives from the ancient Greek word (polus, meaning "many, much") and (meros, meaning "parts"), and refers to a molecule whose structure is composed of multiple repeating units.Polymer has many unique properties which gives it a versatile usage field and that’s why we all unknowingly or knowingly are using polymers in our everyday life right from early morning till we go to bed at night.